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Girl Scouts barred from selling outside founder’s home

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WHAT: A resident’s complaint in Savannah, Ga., led to the prohibition of Girl Scouts selling their famous cookies outside the home of the Scouts’ founder.

WHY: Peddling on a public sidewalk is a violation of a city ordinance, and city administrators looked for a loophole, but there is no private space between the historic home of Juliette Gordon Low and the sidewalk. The city also looked at allowing the Scouts to sell from a courtyard on the side of the house, but fire marshals said that would block an exit route.

TRYING FOR A POSITIVE SPIN: The leader of cookie sales for the Girl Scouts of historic Georgia said this is just another lesson for Scouts. “We try to teach them that in business you have to adjust to things that happen, adapt to the market and follow the law,” she said.

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