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Giants fans are ‘heartbroken’

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Giants fans are disappointed and embarrassed by the news of Melky Cabrera testing positive for PED's and getting suspended for 50 games.

Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera may have disappointed his fans, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to get discounts on sportswear bearing his name.

Many were shocked Wednesday when the All-Star Game MVP was suspended for 50 games without pay for testing positive for testosterone. After the news was announced Wednesday morning, some fans tried to take advantage of the 

“We’ve had a bunch of people come by and ask if we could make the Melky T-shirts half off,” said Erica Trujillo, an employee at Enrique’s Sportswear across from AT&T Park. “That definitely won’t happen. His suspension will not impact our prices.”

Steroids use by current and former Giants players has caused some fans to worry about the reputation of the team.

“After all the steroid drama with Barry Bonds and now Melky, everyone is going to get suspicious whenever the Giants play well,” said fan Lawson Castro, 36. “I’m still a fan of [Cabrera], but I think his actions were really selfish and unfair to his team.”

Some fans were unaware of the news, which was announced shortly before Wednesday’s game. Nina Goss, 23, arrived at AT&T Park sporting a Cabrera jersey.

“I feel kind of stupid wearing this now,” she said after learning about the suspension.

While several fans said they are “heartbroken” about Cabrera’s performance-enhancing drug use, some are giving him credit for immediately copping to it.

“He could have easily denied it,” said Giants fan Jon Yang, 41. “I’m still disappointed, but I can respect the fact that he was honest.”


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