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Giants dugout: Nice guys need to finish first

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Despite winning the last two NL West titles, Bruce Bochy fell out of favor in San Diego. Why else would a team let their manager go to a division rival? While Bochy had obviously fallen out of favor with management, he brings a more personable style to the Giants than Felipe Alou. The key will be finding the right offensive mix and solidifying the bullpen.

On the hot seat: Armando Benitez

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Armando Benitez is a sensitive dude. Unfortunately, he has one of those jobs where that is a bad thing — closer. Benitez, who has the potential to be lights-out but is more known for the saves he hasn’t notched, will be on a short leash this year, especially after the Giants actively shopped the big Dominican, but held onto the right-hander. Injuries were somewhat to blame for his ineffectiveness the past two years, but that excuse will no longer fly.

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