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Geary BRT lawsuit is frivolous at best

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Transit planners with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency say the Geary Bus Rapid Transit Project could allow riders to save up to 20 minutes per round trip. (Aleah Fajardo/Special to S.F. Examiner)

Geary BRT project looking at lawsuit, The City, Feb. 7

Geary BRT lawsuit is frivolous at best

It’s an outrage that after 10-plus years of hearings and public input that a small cadre of disgruntled neighbors have gone to court to delay the Geary Bus Rapid Transit project.

The only project that would satisfy this crew, who insist their lives depend on automobiles, is to have Geary Boulevard as a car-only thoroughfare.

The issue here has zilch to do with disabled access, fewer Muni stops, street center boarding and the fact the newly minted District 1 supervisor was not involved in the debate.

It is solely about a vocal minority that feels threatened that cars are, thankfully, no longer priority one in San Francisco.

The court should treat this frivolous litigation in the only manner it deserves: Dismiss it immediately.

Lee Heidhues

San Francisco

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