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Gary Johnson to speak at CPAC after all

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Last night Politico reported that former Governor Gary Johnson was not to speak at CPAC, causing a minor controversy. It now appears that he will speak after all, and will release a press release on the subject by the end of the day, according his non-profit group.

Johnson, a likely presidential candidate in 2012, has repeatedly come under attack for his libertarian stances on drug legalization and immigration. Johnson's camp told Politico he was being singled out for his ideology.

“It probably has something to do with his stance on some of the issues. We’re the only one there that is taking the position that he’s taking.” Ron Nielson, Johnson’s longtime advisor, told Politico.

Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform and a board member of the American Conservitve Union which runs CPAC, told The Examiner that he “didn’t hear about his interest until after [CPAC] was largely set up.” He added that he had not heard anyone link the omission of Johnson from CPAC with his ideology.

Nielson said that Johnson had first approached CPAC for a speaking slot in the early fall.

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