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Foreign contingent packing up before Cup is won

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Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
Oracle Team USA skippered by James Spithill in action against Emirates Team New Zealand in race 17 of the America's Cup Finals on September 24

Despite the drama in the America's Cup quickly coming to a head as Oracle Team USA tries to complete a historic comeback, many members of foreign media outlets packed their bags and headed for home Monday.

The same holds true for throngs of Kiwi fans who had taken time off from their lives to travel to San Francisco for a first-hand view of an event that in New Zealand is on the same level as the Super Bowl is in the U.S.

With the series originally scheduled to end over the weekend, flights had been booked and hotel reservations were ending. Some managed to rebook their flights and find other places to lay their heads at night, but for many, the financial cost of covering sailing's biggest event was becoming too much.

Roger McMillan of Australian Sailing Magazine has had to rebook his flight and make other arrangements for the extra day.

“It's cost me $300 and I'm sleeping on a couch at my mate's place the final night,” said McMillan, who also sold the bike he had purchased for his stay in The City.

It was reported early in the series that about 25 percent of that country's approximately 4 million residents were tuned in to the races. From here on out, many will now have to do without the local angles spun by their hometown outlets.

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