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'Foodies! The Musical' is tuneful and tasty

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Food gets a savage yet playful skewering in writer-director Morris Bobrow’s revue “Foodies! The Musical,” now playing at the Shelton Theater.

Yet locals expect nothing less from Bobrow. The longtime playwright is the genius behind simliarly formatted hit shows in The City: “Shopping: The Musical” and “Party of 1” (and “2”) among them.

“Everybody can relate to food — it’s pretty universal,” Bobrow says of the show’s genesis. “We all experience food and I thought that would be a great idea. For me, I like to find comedy in frustration or anger: situations people get into, from overbearing or slow waiters in a restaurant or food you don’t like.”

But every scene served on Bobrow’s musical platter is peppered with something original. Amusing songs and sketches revolve around topics from eating habits to trends and the diverse palates of the food-chompin’ populace.

A sketch about wine snobs also promises to generate laughs.

Bobrow presents other, rarely discussed topics, too: for example, a number about whether to eat dinner before a play (you’ll feel too bloated!) or after (you’ll think about food throughout the entire show) is a keeper.

David Goodwin, Sara Hauter, Kim Larsen and Deborah Russo are the show’s versatile performers, and Angela Dwyer provides  musical accompaniment.

Bobrow, who has won four San Francisco Bay Theater Critics Awards for outstanding music and lyrics and two DramaLogue Critics Awards, says the audience reaction is what he most loves about his work.

“There’s no greater satisfaction than to sit there and watch the audience enjoy it,” he adds. “That’s the greatest pleasure and reward.”

As for Bobrow’s favorite food, he says, “Well, I love artichokes, of all things. I can make an entire meal out of them.

But I am not what you would call a gourmet. I’m pretty much a basics-food person. Maybe that’s why I have this position of observing gourmets from a unique position — with a grain of salt.”

No pun intended, of course.

If you go: Foodies! The Musical

  • Where: Shelton Theater, 533 Sutter St., S.F.
  • When: 8 p.m. Fridays-Saturdays
  • Tickets: $32 to $34
  • Contact: (800) 838-3006, www.foodiesthemusical.com

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