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Flight delays and San Francisco summer weather

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While the fog lingers during The City’s quintessential summer morning, flights at the San Francisco International Airport will probably be delayed.

The Federal Aviation Administration has issued a ground delay program, limiting the number of flights that can land until 1 p.m. and subsequently delaying departures, too, according to an airport duty manager.

Most the flights up and down the coast or traveling within a 1,000-mile radius will probably be delayed anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes until the fog clears.

However, according to the weatherman, the sky is not going to get much bluer.

The fog will probably stick around, while the temperatures will remain in the 50s and a 20 mph sea breeze will roll off Ocean Beach, said meteorologist Ryan Walbrun at the National Weather Service.

“Yeah, summer’s here,’’ Walburn said.


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