Fajitagate victim faces cocaine, pot charges


A man attacked by three off-duty police officers in the infamous 2002 “Fajitagate” incident was jailed this weekend after officers found him in possession of 34 marijuana plants and 4 ounces of suspected cocaine, according to police.

Jade Santoro, 32, was one of two men beaten by officers Matthew Tonsing, David Lee and Alex Fagan Jr., son of then-Deputy Chief Alex Fagan, in a drunken brawl on Union Street prompted by a dispute about a bag of steak fajitas.

Santoro ended up winning more than $35,000 in a civil settlement after receiving a gash to his head and a broken nose. At the time of the brawl, Santoro was facing a felony marijuana charge. He plead guilty and spent two days in jail, the District Attorney’s Office said.

This latest arrest occurred about 10:15 p.m. Saturday outside Santoro’s apartment near the intersection of Octavia and Birch streets. Four officers, armed with a search warrant, stopped Santoro as he was returning to his apartment.

Police said they confiscated $11,510, 4 ounces of suspected cocaine, along with 13 packaged bindles of suspected cocaine, 34 marijuana plants and marijuana growing materials.

Santoro is scheduled to be arraigned today.


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