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Eyewitnesses recall deadly UPS shooting rampage

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Firefighters at the scene of a shooting on San Bruno Avenue and 17th Street on Potrero Hill in San Francisco, on June 14. (Sarahbeth Maney/Special to S.F. Examiner)

He came from behind a circle of UPS workers who had just finished their morning stretches and opened fire, seemingly focusing his deathly aim on particular people. Within minutes, three UPS workers were shot dead, and the shooter, Jimmy Lam, shot himself in the head.

“One of the drivers rushed out of the crowd and shot my co-worker right in front of me,” said UPS driver Leopold Parker, 53, at a prayer service Monday for the victims. “Benson [Louie] dropped right in front of me.”

This scene of violence that left four UPS workers dead just after 9 a.m. on June 14 at a warehouse in Potrero Hill at 320 San Bruno Ave. was retold by several people who saw the killings of Benson Louie, 50, Wayne Chan, 56, and Mike Lefiti, 46, with their own eyes.

While the family and friends of the dead have released information about the victims, little is known about Lam, who has repeatedly been described as a
quiet man who kept mostly to himself.

Eye witnesses

The morning stretching session had just been completed, and managers were getting ready to talk about the day’s work when Lam, 38, walked through the crowd.

“In the middle of the meeting , he came forward and shot two co-workers,” said UPS employee Shaun Koch, 38, who added that there were about 30 people at the morning meeting.

Koch saw Lam first approach Louie and then head to Chan. He remembers hearing three shots as everyone stood in shock, and then ran as managers yelled for them to flee.

“I saw Jimmy step over someone,” said Parker, the UPS driver, before he saw Lam leave the building.

Koch, meanwhile, fled to a truck and called 911. From inside the vehicle, he could see two bloody bodies on the ground.

Then, Lam left the building where Koch believes he killed Lefiti. But Lam came back into the building, and Koch fled. “I ran as fast as I could from him,” Koch said.

When Koch got outside, he saw Lefiti’s body on the street. By that time, police were storming the building.

During that time, Parker went to the roof to wait for police.

At some point, according to police, Lam turned the gun on himself.

Koch said he thinks the men who were killed were targeted, but ultimately had no idea what motivated the killings. “We don’t know. That’s part of the frustration,” he said.

“If it was a postal-type thing, we were fish in a barrel,” he said, noting that Lam was behind them. “Because he was in the back of the group.”

Police have not released new details on the status of the case.

“Right now, there are no updates on that to be provided to the public. We are looking to put out an update soon,” said police spokesperson Officer Robert Rueca.


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