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El Niño beds should already be activated

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“Shelter from the storm,” The City, Jan. 7
El Niño beds should already be activated

In the San Francisco Examiner’s front page article on homelessness, Trent Rhorer, head of the Human Services Agency, is quoted as follows: “[The City] has not needed to activate the temporary El Niño [shelter] beds this winter.”

I suggest Mr. Rhorer get out more often into the streets of San Francisco, particularly at night and early in the morning. If he did, he would learn how inaccurate his statement is, as to the needs of The City’s homeless.

I live in the SoMa district and can provide first-hand information concerning the homeless sleeping on the streets during the El Niño storms. Given Mr. Rhorer’s fatuous statement, it is no wonder our homeless problem remains intractable.

John M. Kelly
San Francisco

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