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Dog walkers could be limited to eight dogs under proposed regulations

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Professional dog walkers could be limited to eight dogs each outing if regulations introduced by Supervisor Scott Weiner are adopted Tuesday by the Board of Supervisors.

The proposed legislation to limit the number of dogs one person can walk to a maximum of eight would be the first regulation of its kind in The City. Currently, there are no limits to the number of dogs that walkers can have at one time. But walkers also do not need to be trained or have a permit to currently operate.

Under the proposed legislation, that would change too. Professional dog walkers would need to complete training before a permit can be obtained.

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Sally Stephens, president of SF Dog, a nonprofit association promoting responsible dog ownership, said the regulations help legitimize the profession and create a sense of among the general public.

“We want professional dog walkers to be legit and have more controls,” she said told the Land Use Committee Monday. “Some (dog walkers) can manage larger groups, but others cannot.”

Two additional amendments to the legislation would change the requirement for each dog walker’s vehicle to be inspected by the Animal Care and Control to have the agency issue safety guidelines, and those walking fewer than four dogs will not need a permit.


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