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Diana film’s posters removed

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Stephen Ira Beatty stars in a PSA opposing a regulation that would exclude transgender people from accessing healthcare.

The distributor of “Diana,” a biopic of Princess Diana starring Naomi Watts, has agreed to remove posters of the film from the tunnel in Paris where Diana was killed in a 1997 crash.

Buckling to criticism or maybe just common decency, a French film distributor handling the film confirmed the poster had been removed.

“It was requested that the poster be removed Monday afternoon, and we received confirmation that it had been removed Monday evening,” a company spokesman told the Hollywood Reporter.

The film premiered last month and has a 3 percent “fresh” rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

“This Princess Di biopic swerves past the pitfall of tastelessness only to risk a more perilous roadblock: dullness,” sniffed Variety magazine.

That driving metaphor hit its own pitfall of tastelessness.

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