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David J of Bauhaus set to release new solo album

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With Peter Murphy swearing that it’s officially over for the recently-reunited Bauhaus, it’s nice to note that bassist David J is jumping right back into the Goth-rock ring with “Not Long For This World,” his first solo album since 2003, out Oct. 18 via Billy Corgan’s Starry Records.

Not that his schedule is never overbooked – he’s a busy DJ who’s also collaborated with stellar artists like Jarboe, Jane’s Addiction, Genesis P. Orridge, author Alan Moore and even gorgeous “The Craft” actress Fairuza Balk.

But this album has a decidedly macabre theme, says J (nee David J. Haskins); he sees it as a “collection of eulogies, elegies, epitaphs, and swan songs for lost loves, the dear departed, and future departures, including, inevitably, oneself.”

Song titles are suitably Cryptkeeper-creepy: “Because You’re Gone,” “Gloomy Sunday,” “Dead And Lovely,” “St. James Infirmary,” “Hank Williams To The Angel Of Death,” “Spaulding Grey Can’t Swim,” “Eulogy For Jeff Buckley,” “Dagger In The Well,” “Last Cigarette,” “Dress Sexy At My Funeral,” “Farewell My Friend,” and the title dirge.

For more, stay tuned here, or visit www.davidjonline.com.

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