‘Daily Show’ comic Al Madrigal takes on S.F., politics, burritos

Native son Al Madrigal has gotten used to proving his San Francisco street cred.

“The city kids try to double-check by mentioning every single landmark,” says the “Daily Show” correspondent, who performs Saturday in Outside Lands’ comedy tent. “’Best taqueria? Best sandwich place?’ Inevitably, it becomes the San Francisco quiz.”

Outside Lands is reuniting the Los Angeles resident with his old Golden Gate Park stomping grounds (where Madrigal once had “an elaborate ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ fort going in the arboretum”) and his fellow “Daily Show” contributors Hasan Minhaj and Jordan Klepper,

Madrigal is tight-lipped on what audiences may expect, but it’s likely that longtime host Jon Stewart, who left “The Daily Show” this week, will get name-checked along with new host Trevor Noah.

Are there seismic shifts in store for the satirical news show?

“You’re replacing a 52-year-old man who has the body of a small Jewish woman with a super handsome young black guy,” Madrigal deadpans. “The vibe is definitely changing.”

One thing that won’t change is Madrigal’s position as the show’s senior Latino correspondent, a gig that lets the half-Mexican, half-Sicilian bust stereotypes about the Latino community — like the myth that there is such a thing as a unified Latino community.

“Everybody tries to lump Latinos together. But Latinos are famous for hating other Latinos!,” Madrigal says. “I talked to a Mexican guy who couldn’t stop talking about how much he hates Chileans, because they eat too much mayonnaise.”

If condiments are divisive, imagine the schisms between political candidates.

“Puerto Ricans don’t care about immigration,” he says about an issue likely to bedevil Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, the GOP’s high-profile presidential candidate with Cuban roots. “Cubans don’t care. Mexicans and Central Americans REALLY care. When you say a Cuban candidate has to be pro-immigration — why? Why would he be?”

If proving his San Francisco cred can get annoying, proving his Latino cred is even worse for Madrigal, who never learned Spanish. (Madrigal describes his father’s attitude about Spanish lessons as, “We’re in America now. Quick, assimilate!”)

“Half Like Me,” Madrigal’s comedy special that debuted earlier this year, follows him as he tries to boost his Mexican credentials, including learning to pronounce Tijuana properly.

“When somebody sees a half-Mexican or a half-Filipino or a half-Taiwanese or a half anything, they roll their eyes and say, ‘You don’t know.’ The halfies [are] very proud of their culture, but they get picked on constantly.”

Where does Madrigal, co-founder of the All Things Comedy podcast network, go when he wants some quintessentially Mexican and San Franciscan comfort food?

“La Taqueria,” he says without hesitation. “We’d drive all the way there from our house in the Inner Sunset in a Volkswagen Bug in the 1970s. When they got named best burrito [by ESPN’s FiveThirtyEight blog], it’s like, ‘The secret is out!’”

Members of The Daily Show News Team: Al Madrigal, Hasan Minhaj, Jordan Klepper
Presented by Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival
Where: Barbary tent, Golden Gate Park, S.F
When: 4:45 and 6:30 p.m. Aug. 8

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