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Daedelus manifests magical properties at the Independent

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Los Angeles-based Daedelus brings his tour to The City this week.

King of Los Angeles’ electronic underground, Daedelus brings a new and improved fourth “Magical Properties” tour to The City on Sunday, promising a superbly curated night of thoughtful, bass-driven electronica and a hypnotic new light show called “Chaya.”

The 35-year-old Venice resident — aka Alfred Darlington or Alfred Weisberg-Roberts — has hand-picked Two Fresh, Ryan Hemsworth and Samo Sound to open the show at the Independent for him. It’s part of a run of North American winter tour dates before he works on releasing a new 2013 LP.

“These ‘Magical Properties’ tours have been amazing attempts to focus,” he says. “It isn’t a rave, it’s not about getting lost in something, it’s about really focusing on something.”

“I know a lot of other shows promise a crazy clusterf*** for one night that you will forget the moment you leave the club,” he says. “I am just trying to appeal to those who want a great night and a wonderful experience that will last them longer than that evening.”

Darlington has always been a thinking man’s producer. His free 2012 EP “Looking Ocean” is mostly instrumental, ghostly, romantic and layered — full of strings and effects, crisp drums, experimental sped-up vocals and simulated back-masking — and is still somehow accessible.

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Daedelus’ last LP, “Bespoke,” came out on the highly regarded U.K. imprint Ninja Tune, following 2008’s “Love to Make Music To” and part of a 12-year run of releases on esteemed labels Plug, Mush, Warp, Alpha Pup and Stone’s Throw.

The virtuoso uses the Monome musical computer and Max/MSP software live.

“Typically, I’m really improvising and taking a lot of chances, and at first that usually means I fall on my face quite a bit, but by that point on the road I should have things pretty tight,” he says. He’ll dazzle audiences with “Chaya,” a screen-and-video show inspired by Indonesian shadow puppetry and featuring iterating fractal ?imagery.

He adds: “It’s time to just be crazy. I’ve been in this game for a long enough time to see things come and go. It’s time to go bigger, have so much fun and be weird and let this freak flag fly a bit like there’s no tomorrow — not in that Mayan calendar kind of way, but in a, ‘We’re given this wonderful chance to be in front of people and I don’t take that lightly’ kind of way.”


Daedelus: Magical Properties tour 4 with Two Fresh, Samo Sound, Ryan Hemsworth

  • Where: Independent, 628 Divisadero St., S.F.
  • When: 8 p.m. Sunday
  • Tickets: $16 to $18
  • Contact: (415) 771-1421, www.the?independentsf.com

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