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Cyclist group ‘The Wigg Party’ to protest SFPD bike crackdown

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Wigg party cyclists sit on a stoop. COURTESY THE WIGG PARTY

The bike backlash is gearing up.

Red light runners, stop-sign-slippers and all scofflaw bicyclists have been warned by the local police captain: obey the rules or else.

Opposition to the crackdown –from the Duboce Triangle to the Panhandle– has until now only included the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and a smattering of neighborhood groups.

Now The Wigg Party, a local biking group named after the bicycle route through the area and whose name is a nod to a long dormant political party, is also denouncing Park Station Capt. John Sanford’s proposed crackdown.

Wednesday the group will use a novel style of protest to signal their distaste for the crackdown in Park District: They will obey the law.

The action is being called a “stop-in,” the group wrote on its Facebook event page. The Wigg Party supporters plan to cycle single file through the Wiggle, a popular bike route through the area, and come to a full and complete stop at every stop sign.

The Wigg Party is a local community organization based in the neighborhoods surrounding the Wiggle. The organization advocates for safety and beautification improvements along the Wiggle, as well as food sustainability.

Sanford has asked for cyclists to obey stop signs, but the Wigg Party contends that yielding – not stopping – at stop signs is safer for cyclists.

“The law requiring cyclists stop at stop signs is simply lazy, misguided, and not at all reflective of behavior required to operate a bicycle safely,” the Wigg Party wrote on the Facebook event page for its protest.

“In fact, if cyclists came to a full and complete stop at every stop sign, it would have disastrous effects to traffic patterns,” the group’s statement said. The Wigg Party also argued that cyclists coming to full stops at stop signs would increase congestion for drivers.

Morgan Fitzgibbons, a co-founder of the Wigg Party and co-organizer of the protest, declined to speak to the San Francisco Examiner. The protest is Wednesday, July 29, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., according to the Wigg Party’s Facebook event page.

“Grab your bike, ride to the Wiggle (the epicenter will be Waller and Steiner), and wait your turn for your chance to come to a full and complete stop at every intersection,” the group wrote.

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