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CWA: Did RNC spend donors’ money for a 'slutty' club?

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In response to today's news about RNC expenditures, here's a statement from Penny Nance, Chief Executive Officer for Concerned Women for America:

“Did they really agree to reimburse nearly $2,000 for a bondage-themed night club?  We have several questions. For the RNC: Why would a staffer believe that this is acceptable, and has this kind of thing been approved in the past?

“And for the Democratic National Committee: Do you believe that it is appropriate to use tax dollars for pornographic exhibits like the ones recently funded by the stimulus bill?

“Please explain to Republican and Democratic women if and why you think it is appropriate to promote pornographic enterprises? As women we find the very idea of officials from either party approving of endeavors that objectify and demean women outrageous. This kind of behavior is not appropriate for national leaders that our children should be able to look up to as role models, and that our daughters could be working for. Did you really swill drinks, ogle young girls and plan party business at this kind of establishment? Please explain!”

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