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CSU signs deal to record, broadcast classroom lectures

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Instead of taking notes during class, college students at the nearly two dozen campuses in the California State University system could soon rewatch their classroom lectures online.

Under an agreement with Sonic Foundry, Inc., all 23 campuses in the CSU system will be able to offer their students a YouTube-like system to watch lectures that were recorded in or outside the classroom.

“A number of years ago there were concerns that students would use this technology not to go to lectures,” said Sonic Foundry CEO Gary Weis. “That’s totally not the case.”

The technology, called Mediasite, allows CSU campuses to capture lectures on video and manage the videos online. While lecturers can record themselves at home or in an office, some classrooms are outfitted with technology that automatically records classes.

“The success of our students is positively impacted with a seamless and easy-to-use lecture capturing solution that allows us to capture and share the educational content from inside our lecture halls,” Jean-Pierre Bayard, CSU director of system-wide learning technologies and program services, said in a statement.

San Francisco State University, the local CSU, does not use the technology, but nine other campuses in the system do. UC San Francisco also uses Mediasite, according to Sonic Foundry.

Sonic Foundry signed one agreement for the video management system with the CSU last April, and a second for the lecture capture technology over the last semester.

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