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Corrupt officials should be punished

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“City Hall Circus,” The City, Aug. 5
Corrupt officials should be punished

If the allegations of corruption at San Francisco City Hall by Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow’s attorney’s are true — and that’s a big “if” — rather than dropping the charges against Chow, the others should be charged with their crimes. And, if true, those at the Attorney General’s office responsible should be fired and not receive any retirement or other benefits.

Howard Epstein
San Francisco

Applauding journalism

I can’t help wondering why The City’s paper of record leaves it to the San Francisco Examiner to disclose charges of political corruption against the mayors’ associates — of which he appears to have been aware. Can it be that major advertisers are wary of a change in administrations?

I applaud “the Little Paper that Could” for doing the job that journalists are supposed to do, and hope advertisers decide to “do the right thing” and fund publishing bad news we need to hear to insure that public officials uphold their charge to serve the public, rather than those who pay to play.

Diana Scott
San Francisco

“Biting the hand that houses them,” Opinion, In My View, July 30
Infinite housing demand

Michael Farren’s extreme diatribe against rent control and housing regulation hides the moderate terms of San Francisco’s Rent Ordinance, which has always exempted any rental housing built after 1979. Farren also seems to deny the right of our community to maintain its amenities, height limits andspecial flavor. S.F. is one of a handful of world cities who are subject to an almost infinite demand for housing.

It has gone from 530,000 people in the 1950s to 826,000 today, and profiteers want to drive it to a million or more by midcentury. Absentee landlords, investors and others with no real stake here would love it. The people who live here would not.

Richard Hack
San Francisco

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