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Cooking classes in Paris

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One of the greatest pleasures in Paris is food shopping, but most of us, without access to a kitchen, can only look.

Now, Susan Hermann Loomis, an inspired cooking teacher who knows the Paris food map like the back of her hand (she assisted Patricia Wells in her groundbreaking “Food Lover’s Guide to Paris”), is teaching one-day cooking classes out of Wells’ Left Bank studio kitchen.

Morning classes begin with shopping; you and six classmates will pick up fruits, vegetables, meat, bread, cheese, fish and poultry. Back at the studio, Loomis will lead preparation of a simple lunch, with wines of course. Afternoon classes, followed by dinner, are also offered. They include tasting chocolate, cheese and wines.

I’ve watched her prepare a market-inspired lunch at her house in Normandy, where she also conducts classes. She's a low-key teacher and a great cook. With a little prompting, she'll reveal her favorite Paris bistros, for those days when you're on your own. Paris one-day classes cost 175 euros.


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