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Concession stand fire reported at AT&T Park

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(Courtesy @dan_bernstein_)

Updated at 6:34 p.m.

A grease fire broke out at AT&T Park Monday when a concession stand fryer accidentally ignited, according to San Francisco Fire Lt. Jonathan Baxter.

Park staff put out the flames on Promenade Section 121, which started at 4:10 p.m., before fire fighters arrived to confirm it was out, and there were no injuries.

A substantial cloud of gray smoke could be seen wafting above the park’s seats.

“I took off running when I heard [my coworker] hollering,”said one concession worker. “It was big flames.”

Baxter said the incident will not effect Tuesday’s San Francisco Giants game against the Houston Astros at 7:15 p.m. The stand was closed for the game.

Dan Bernstein contributed to this report.

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