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Central Subway art contract should go to local artist, Supervisor John Avalos says

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The Arts Commission’s selection of a Brooklyn artist for a $750,000 contract for Central Subway art has drawn criticism because the artist shot a dog in 1977 on film and called it art. But there’s another reason why the selection isn’t drawing praise. He’s a Brooklyn-based artist.

Supervisor John Avalos, who championed a local hire law for government-funded construction projects, said the Arts Commission should give work to creative San Francisco residents.

“That’s an awful thing to do,” Avalos said of the 1977 incident. “That’s an issue, but we should be hiring a local artist.”

Avalos said what artist Tom Otterness did 30 years “is really messed up” but allowed he probably changed a lot since then. Besides all that, however, Avalos said: “We should hire local artists instead of going to Brooklyn.”

This art contract is for three levels of the proposed Moscone station, part of the Central Subway. That station is in the heart of San Francisco’s convention business.


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