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Castro Cares launches month-long sock drive

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(Photo courtesy Shutterstock)

Community group Castro Cares has launched a sock drive for the month of February, with the ambitious goal of collecting 2,000 pairs for people experiencing homelessness by Feb. 28.

According to a news release sent out by Castro Cares, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention defines Extreme Cold as any time that the “temperature drops decidedly below normal as wind speed increases [causing] heat to leave the body more quickly.”

The 2,000 pair goal is double what the group collected and distributed last year, 460 of which were donated by marijuana dispensary The Apothecarium.

“Foot care is very important for people who are not housed and living on the street,” Castro Cares states. “Clean socks are critical in maintaining feet that are free from infection and disease.”

New socks in both men’s and women’s sizes can be dropped off at 13 locations in the Castro and Upper Market area: Coldwell Banker, Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy, The Apothecarium San Francisco, Body, Orphan Andy’s, Hearth Coffee, Mudpuppy’s, Philz Coffee, Vanguard Properties, Bank of America, The Daily Method, and The Coop.

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