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A Casciato victory is a crime against S.F.

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“Election for retirement board seat divisive,” Crime Ink, Jan. 16

The irony of Jonah Owen Lamb’s article appearing on the San Francisco Examiner’s “Crime Ink” page wasn’t lost on readers! 

If retired police Capt. Al Casciato wins the election, unseating incumbent Herb Meiberger, it will be a crime — figuratively — if public safety members rob the 85 percent of miscellaneous members of all representation on the retirement board.

It isn’t, as Casciato claims, a “false argument.” It’s the very heart of the matter and about the “thin blue line” of police officers who don’t have the interests of miscellaneous members in mind.

They talk a good game. In truth, it’s all about them and their power.

The State Association of County Retirement Systems, representing 20 county retirement systems, dedicates separate board seats for miscellaneous and safety, allowing only miscellaneous members to vote in the miscellaneous board elections, and only safety officers to vote in the safety board elections.

San Francisco’s miscellaneous employees and retirees deserve parity with our county brothers and sisters.

Patrick Monette-Shaw, San Francisco

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