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UPDATE: Camera captures SFPD officers allegedly joking about shooting suspects

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San Francisco police are trying to track down a videographer who posted two short videos of two San Francisco police officers laughing and joking about shooting suspects, police said Friday.

The two videos posted to Instagram appear to show two San Francisco police officers in a restaurant or café having a discussion about evidence they would or wouldn’t want captured on body cameras.

In the footage, the officers discuss how they want to make sure suspects pointing a gun at them are captured on video when shot, but not suspects putting their hands up. They laugh when discussing what it would look like when a suspect is shot in the chest or head.

Police Chief Greg Suhr said during a Friday press conference that his department initiated an investigation after an officer saw the post.

“We didn’t get a call from somebody else calling our attention to this video. This was a conscientious officer within the department who saw the post, was surprised by the conversation, brought it to my attention and we want to make sure that it’s fully investigated,” Suhr said.

Suhr said the graphic conversation was one that officers should not be having, “let alone in a public place.”

“We initiated an immediate investigation, identifying the officers. And to that end though, we do request some help from the poster of the video. As I said, it appears to be a lesser included of a longer video and we’d like to have the entire video so we can put it in context and determine whether or not there were other conversations that might also deserve a second look. And of course, anything that’s found to be outside of policy is going to make the officers subject to discipline as appropriate,” Suhr said.

San Francisco police do not wear body cameras but the city has been working on a policy to equip officers with them.

The videos are posted https://instagram.com/p/7cC6VJhPrg/ and https://instagram.com/p/7cDIpOhPru/

San Francisco police said Friday the department opened an investigation after becoming aware of the videos. Police are asking the person who shot the video for to contact the department’s Internal Affairs Division at (415) 575-5856.

— Bay City News/Examiner staff report

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