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Burglaries plague Clement Street corridor in Richmond District

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A series of commercial burglaries on Clement Street in the Richmond District have police on the lookout for what they think is a serial burglar along the commercial corridor.

Richmond Station’s new Capt. Paul Yep told a group of captains about the crimes last week, even as recent statistics show such crimes have been static citywide this year to date.

So far this year in San Francisco there have been 1,756 burglaries of all kinds compared to 1,763 this time last year.

In the area covered by Richmond Station, from March to April the district saw burglaries jump by 21 percent, from 28 in March to 34 in April.

Yep said while the district has seen burglaries across the board, the area most impacted has been a cluster along Clement Street east of Park Presidio.

The suspect in many of these burglaries is a white man in his mid 40s, of whom Yep said they have a grainy image from a security camera.

“He seems to like Friday nights,” said Yep.

His pattern is to break in, rummage and take whatever cash can be found. So far he has hit a florist and a travel agency, among other businesses.

Yep said no arrests have been made in the case as of Monday.


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  • hapakii

    What did you expect with the liberals early prison release. Did you really expect drug addicts being released were going to find a job? Well they are working, working during the night burglarizing. Which is only a property crime, so no harm and DA won’t prosecute.

  • Mark Lewis

    Had a smash and grab on Clement and 4th Ave a couple years back. Broad daylight. Seemed like a nice enough neighborhood, but in SF there is trouble everywhere.

  • Zippster

    SF Bored of Supes encourage and celebrate this behavior.

  • Independent1inSF

    SF is being invaded by vagrants from all over the country. Why? We give away free stuff, don’t prosecute and allow them to live on the streets.

  • john doe

    Don’t worry. The city is changing for the better. Sooner than you think the illegals will be rounded up and thrown back over the fence. I am not surprised at the numbers of residents who have completely lost faith in city govt. I am even less surpred at the number who are makng the right decision. Voting Donald Trump for President is going to make America greater than any corrupt city politician could ever dream of.

  • IanFlowers

    What rubbish you’ve written. Anybody who votes for The Dump needs an abrupt return to first grade. The Dump is a professional con artist who won’t release his tax returns, has many failed businesses, and demonstrates the mentality of an egomaniacal infantile ape, similar to Mussolini. Blaming this string of robberies on illegals is your own hatefulness and bias showing itself.

  • IanFlowers

    They do? They encourage burglaries? Are you from Planet Trump or are those ears made of plastic?

  • IanFlowers

    No, there’s not “trouble everywhere.” There’s rampant gentrification, a corrupt City Hall which services the tech/real estate predators, and a new population of dumbed down techies whose sole skill is staying riveted to an electronic devices while life passes them by.

  • IanFlowers

    You’re utterly unfamiliar with the California prison system. You’re just babbling. The DA prosecutes numerous property crimes.

  • hapakii

    @IanFlowers, another progressive speaking from your rear end. Like hell the DA prosecutes for property crimes. You want to buy my bridge that leads you out of San Quentin?

  • Randy F.

    As ‘ lap top Marxists ‘ , they do celebrate criminality of this sort as ” Revolutionary “. Rebellious acts . Even Josef Stalin defended the criminal as ” simply naive politically “. And as such , a potential reolutionary van guard .

  • Randy F.

    Agree !! but ” life passing them by ” ?.. Hardly ! with six figured salaries and some stock options , plus ‘ 3 hole wonder ‘ Jodi Arias doll , Asian concubine girl friends at their beck and call …. Hmmm.

  • Zippster

    Yes, they do. They are the ones who want a day of remembrance for the attempted murderer Mario Woods. They are part of the problem.

    Trump? What are you babbling about?