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Budget and Finance Committee approves Presidio Fire Department transfer

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The Board of Supervisor’s Budget and Finance Committee approved an agreement to transfer the beleaguered Presidio Fire Department into the hands of San Francisco.

The plan, which is a 10-year agreement, must be approved by the full Board of Supervisors on Tuesday before it can go into effect.

If the board agrees to the contract, San Francisco Fire Department will begin hiring in August, with the goal to have firefighters on the street by October, according to the fire chief.

“It’s a smart move and it seems clean with little downside,” said Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi.

Mirkarimi did point out that the Presidio continues to be a prime area for real estate development, yet that area is exempted from the current business tax due to the federal Buck Act, which prohibits local governments from charging a payroll tax in a federal enclave within their borders.

But fire officials said they have taken that into consideration, planning for an increase in the amount of money received from the Presidio Trust as part of the contract.

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