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Bradley Cooper and J.Lo are ‘casually dating’

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Funny guy: Sources say that Jennifer Lopez “has a fun time with Bradley [Cooper] and he makes her laugh.” (Getty Images file photo)
Funny guy: Sources say that Jennifer Lopez “has a fun time with Bradley [Cooper] and he makes her laugh.” (Getty Images file photo)

Are Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper an item? After the second occasion on which they were sighted together, a source has told TMZ the pair are “casually dating.”

A dinner date in NYC last month first got tongues wagging — and then Saturday night, Bradley was reportedly spotted driving an SUV with a woman who looked very much like J.Lo covering her face in the passenger seat.

“After their date in New York, Bradley and Jennifer stayed in touch,” a source close to the former Mrs. Marc Anthony told People Magazine. “She does like his attention, and it makes her feel good that he seems so into her. She has a fun time with Bradley and he makes her laugh.”

According to TMZ sources, the “Hangover” star and the “American Idol” judge are not in a serious relationship yet — considering she is still going through a divorce, that’s probably a good thing — but “they are definitely dating.”

Interesting. Think they would make a good couple?


Scarlett ‘quite depressed’

Scarlett Johansson is speaking out about her divorce from Ryan Reynolds. The actress told German magazine Gala that after the marriage ended in 2010, “at first I was quite depressed,” but “after about a week or so I pulled myself together and started to go to the gym all the time.” (A week? That’s it? Really?)

Though neither star has been specific about exactly what led them to go their separate ways, ScarJo admitted, “I pass judgment on people quite quickly. That can get me into trouble from time to time.” 

But the “Lost in Translation” star said she had a good support network to help her deal with the breakup.

“Luckily, I’ve got a few very close girlfriends who have been by my side for 15 years now, who I can talk to about everything and confide in,” Scarlett said.

And presumably her rebound fling with Sean Penn helped, too.


A Lively story

Speaking of Ryan Reynolds, he evidently hasn’t been lonely since his divorce, either. The tabloids have linked him to a series of A-list beauties … although we tend to be a wee bit skeptical of some of their reports.

Granted, it seems entirely feasible that Ryan recently hooked up with Blake Lively in the wake of her split from Leonardo DiCaprio — considering the “Green Lantern” co-stars have been sighted canoodling around Boston, where he’s filming a movie.

But we’re not sure we believe the OK! cover story claiming that Blake stole Ryan from Sandra Bullock.

Though Sandy and Ryan have repeatedly stated that they’re close friends and nothing more, the tabloid says they were something more — until Blake entered the picture.

“Sandra is crushed,” a source says. “She’s doing her absolute best to hold her head high and act as if she’s not bothered, but the truth is, she’s very hurt.”

“For a while things between [Ryan and Sandra] were going so well, and she really got her hopes up,” dishes the source. “That’s why she surprised Ryan by going to the premiere of his movie, ‘The Change-Up.’ And then last month they had an incredibly intimate trip to her place in Wyoming. But then all of a sudden, Ryan went cold on her.”

Sandra’s rep denies there was a romance with Ryan. And we tend to believe they really are — wait for it — “Just Friends.”

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