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Black Panther caught on tape intimidating voters in 2008 on the ballot in Philly today

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Remember that video from the 2008 election where two members of of the New Black Panther Party stood outside the polling place in Philadelphia brandishing weapons? The controversy over the Obama administration's unwillingness to prosecute them is still ongoing. U.S. Commission on Civil Rights’ just grilled Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Thomas Perez about the matter last week. Well, one of the New Black Panthers caught on tape intimidating voters is actually on the ballot in today's Pennsylvania election, notes Big Government:

Here is the “sample ballot” for the 14th Ward, 4th Division. A sample ballot is posted outside of each polling location. You can see [Jerry] Jackson is listed first in a field of three. The top two vote getters will be elected to a four year term as a member of the Democratic Executive Committee. In 2008, Jackson was issued a certificate by the Democratic Party to be inside of the polling place where he was seen intimidating voters.

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