Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino revels in meeting sitcom idol Julia-Louis Dreyfus

Bobb Bruno and Bethany Cosentino are Best Coast. (Courtesy Janell Shirtcliff)

Some songwriters couch their personal travails or beliefs in metaphors, never giving listeners a glimpse of anything personal. Then there’s Best Coast anchor Bethany Cosentino, who can’t help telling it the way it is in her brutally frank lyrics, as on the duo’s chiming latest, its third, “California Nights.” “I definitely write about things where, at times, I’m like, ‘Is this sharing too much?’” she says, of new cuts like “Jealousy,” “Feeling OK” and “Sleep Won’t Ever Come.” “But I also don’t believe in censoring myself.”

How much, exactly, do you love the show “Seinfeld”?

A lot of stuff that happens on “Seinfeld” is so over the top. But just so real. And I can relate so hard to 50 percent or more of the things that happen to those characters. It’s a show that’s been in my life for a long time. As a kid, I watched it with my dad when it was first on TV, and as I got older I started watching it more on my own when it would play in syndication, and now I take the DVDs with me on tour. It’s the best show ever, of all time.

So how cool was it to meet Julia-Louis Dreyfus at South by Southwest this year?

It was amazing. I was invited to this dinner that Marie Claire was throwing for her series “Veep,” and the dinner was very small, only two tables — it was me and the cast of “Veep,” and then this guy across from me who invented Bitcoin. So I met her, and she was the nicest woman on planet Earth. I showed her a photo of me in 2009, dressed up as Elaine for Halloween, and she was like, “Oh, my God! You have to send that to me! I have to post it!” So I’m thinking to myself, “This is not only the highlight of my South by Southwest, but the highlight of pretty much my entire life!”

Did she give you any advice?

She actually asked me, “How long are you here? And how many shows are you playing?” I said, “Nine,” and she asked me, “How do you do that?” And I looked at her thinking, ‘Me? How do you do it?” She’s only the most famous comedy actress around. So I was at a loss for words, basically, the entire time I was talking to her.

Did she post your Halloween picture?

She did! She posted it while I was standing next to her. And she also posted a selfie of me and her. And my phone instantly blew up with texts from friends and family. When I posted my selfie with her, I think the Internet actually exploded!

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