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Bauhaus bad boy Peter Murphy in SF to promote ‘Ninth’ release

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You certainly have to hand it to Bauhaus bad boy Peter Murphy — the guy sure knows how to make an entrance.

For instance, who can forget his riveting performance of the UK outfit’s signature “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” from inside a suspended nightclub cage in the ’83 vampire classic “The Hunger”?

Or his recent New York appearance with Nine Inch Nails, wherein he was lowered onto the stage, upside down, like a sleeping bat, to duet with Trent Reznor on Goth-punk classics like Joy Division’s “Atmosphere,” Pere Ubu’s “Final Solution” and Bauhaus’s own “Kick In The Eye”?

Murphy knows how to chew up the big-screen scenery, too — he just played the ancient bloodsucker The Cold One in the “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” crowd-pleaser.

So Lord (or perhaps the devil) only knows how he’ll show up at San Francisco’s Mezzanine nightspot next Wednesday, promoting his upcoming ninth salvo on Nettwerk, aptly dubbed “Ninth.”

He’s had the cryptic set on ice for several months now, but it will hit stores on June 7.

But the whip-thin, Turkey-based wraith is so pleased with the new material, he’s been liberally sprinkling it into his current set list. And “Ninth” is also Murphy’s first solo release since the much-ballyhooed Bauhaus reunion back in 2005.

For more information, visit www.petermurphy.info.

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