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Bananarama makes it official with reunion tour

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Bananarama plays the Warfield Feb. 21.

It’s an odd historical footnote. But Sara Dallin swears that the original lineup of her nearly four-decade-old UK pop trio Bananarama — which includes Keren Woodward and Siobhan Fahey, who rejoined last year — never officially toured together before, as it’s finally doing now. The group never flagged when Fahey quit in ’88 to form Shakespears Sister — Dallin and Woodward tried a replacement, but eventually continued as a duo until the time felt right for a reunion. “So Siobhan kind of felt like it was unfinished business, because she never got to experience what Keren and I have experienced — people singing your songs back to you from all over the world,” Dallin says. “I told her, ‘You just won’t understand the love until you’re on that stage and feeling it.’”

As I recall, The Cure’s Robert Smith once said — with awe — that the only people who could drink him under the table were the gals in Bananarama.

We ended up onstage with him a few times, and I remember we had a wild night out with him in New York, so I’m sure that either him or another member of The Cure said it. But they became quite good friends of ours, just because we were on the same sort of television shows around Europe. So we’d end up on the same show, and occasionally we’d get up onstage to dance with them while they were doing their thing. Those were fun days.

Who knew you were such hard partiers?

Well, it was all very innocent partying. We liked to dance, we loved to go to clubs and we were 18, 19 when we started. So it was all combined with the group while we were traveling all over the world. And any day of the week, we just loved to dance, so we’d do a TV appearance, then all pile off to a club somewhere, come home at 6 in the morning, then fly off somewhere else and do another show.

The musicians you were palling around with back then were amazing.

Keren and I bumped into Paul Cook from The Sex Pistols in about ’81 in a club, and he said we could stay at his studio rent-free. So we got two mattresses from the hostel we were in and put them in this space. We were all teenagers — and punks — and for me, it was like, “Wow! Look where we are!” Paul had a band called The Professionals, and they rehearsed there. Keren and I used to sing with them and play bass. But one day Paul said, “Why don’t you get your own group together?” So we made a demo, got picked up, and the rest is history.



Where: Warfield, 982 Market St., S.F.
When: 8 p.m. Feb. 21
Tickets: $39.50 to $55
Contact: (415) 345-0900, www.axs.com

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