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Fashion, art, music, acting — Lou Doillon does it all

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Lou Doillon’s 2016 album is called “Lay Low.” (Courtesy Lou Doillon)

Lou Doillon, daughter of French film director Jacques Doillon and British actress-vocalist Jane Birkin, undoubtedly grew up privileged. Yet she has worked tirelessly to blaze her own trails into modeling (for Chloe, Givenchy and Karl Lagerfeld) and cinema (for directors Agnes Varda, Pascal Laugier and Abel Ferrara). She’s also an artist (her angular sketches, featured on T-shirts, will be anthologized into a book) and musician. Her experiments in songwriting grew into a 2012 debut “Places” that won her a French Grammy equivalent, the Victoires de la Musiques Award. Her smoky, more confident followup “Lay Low,” was released in February.

Any upcoming fashion campaigns?

I’ve just done a project that will be out soon, but I’m not really sure if I can mention it yet. It’s not really a full campaign — just a special little thing. But I’ve always had fun doing fashion, because I love creative people, and how sometimes these people wouldn’t take themselves seriously. And they really need to be inspired, because they have to produce so much, doing two or even four collections a year. So I would always meet many different types of artists in the fashion world, because a designer has to feed on something. They seem to have a curiosity in the fashion business that I find refreshing.

How was the Victoires awards ceremony in 2013, where you won Best Female Artist?

I was surprised and excited to be nominated. But I was so convinced that I wouldn’t get it that I became obsessed with putting on a nice face when they were giving out the other names. So by the time I was there in the audience, to my embarrassment, I stupidly talked to the chief of my label while they were listing the nominees. Then I saw loads of cameras suddenly move close to me. But I just went on talking to him, until suddenly, he was clapping me on the shoulder. I didn’t even hear them say my name! So I ran to that stage, thinking, “If I have it my hand, it’s too late for them to say it was a mistake!”

Was your family there?

No. I asked my son Marlowe to watch the TV to see if I’d win or not, but he, in fact, watched another program with his best friend on scuba divers. And my mother was performing in the south of France, and — to my horror — they went to see her and had a camera crew on her. So when I won, a big screen came down onstage and there was my mom. I felt like I was in some Woody Allen movie!

Lou Doillon
Where: Bimbo’s 365 Club, 1025 Columbus Ave., S.F.
When: 8 p.m. May 11
Tickets: $20
Contact: (415) 474-0365; www.ticketfly.com

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