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April the giraffe finally gives birth

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April the giraffe is followed around her enclosure by her new baby calf on Sunday, which was born on Saturday. (Courtesy YouTube/Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam)

After months of suspense, April the giraffe of Animal Adventure Park finally gave birth to a calf on Saturday, according to The Associated Press.

Animal Adventure Park, which had been live streaming April’s enclosure since February, said the calf is nursing strongly and the mother is recovering “perfectly,” according to The Associated Press report.

The calf weighs 129 pounds and is 5-feet, 9-inches tall.

At least 1.2 million people watched Animal Adventure Park’s streaming of the event on YouTube, according to AP.

People tuned in daily since February when the park released the stream saying the calf could be born any minute. Some people even lost patience waiting for the birth to happen.

A New Hampshire songwriter even posted a song on YouTube titled “I’m Going Crazy Waiting (For A Giraffe),” AP reports.

The park will reportedly hold a contest to decide the calf’s name.

‘Star Wars’ heckled?

Mark Hamill was on hand during the Star Wars Celebration that began last week in Orlando and on Sunday he told an audience a story about the time he and fellow “Star Wars” co-star Carrie Fisher convinced a movie theater manager to let them in to a movie that was showing the trailer for “Star Wars” at the time and that after the trailer ran, an audience member heckled it, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Hamill told the audience, “At the end of the trailer, it said, ‘A billion light years in the making. And it’s coming to your galaxy this summer.’ Big explosion…. And somebody in the balcony yelled out, ‘Yeah, and it’s coming to the late show about two weeks after that. … Nobody enjoys a well-placed, snarky remark more than I do. So, we both laughed, but after we laughed …, we kind of went, ‘Uh oh.’”

‘Survivor’ contestant fired

Greensboro N.C.’s Jeff Varner had his back up against the wall on Wednesday night’s episode of “Survivor.” It seemed imminent that he’d be voted off the island in Fiji.

But — as routinely happens on the long-running CBS reality show — he threw a last-ditch Hail Mary to try to save his own skin.

“There is deception here,” he told host Jeff Probst, as Varner’s six fellow tribemates squirmed. “Deception on levels that these guys don’t even understand.” Then Varner glared directly at one of them, openly gay New York asset manager Zeke Smith, and said: “Why haven’t you told anyone you’re transgender?”

Within seconds, Varner was harshly criticized by the other cast members and Probst before being voted off the show. Within minutes, Twitter exploded. Within hours, it became a national controversy, with GLAAD issuing a rebuke.

And on Thursday night, hours after a Charlotte Observer interview with Varner, the Greensboro News & Record reported that he had been fired from his job as a real estate agent. He said he was told that he is “in the middle of a news story that we don’t want anything to do with.”

Happy birthday

Actress Rooney Mara (“The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”) is 32. … Actress Lindsay Korman (“Passions”) is 39. … Actress Jennifer Garner is 45. Actor Sean Bean (“Lord of the Rings”) is 58. … Actor Clarke Peters (“Treme”) is 65. … Actor David Bradley (”Game of Thrones”) is 75.

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