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Allie X doesn’t want to talk about her past

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Allie X’s pop sound has been praised by Katy Perry. (Courtesy photo)

Toronto pop star Allie X has already made a name for herself with the addictive single “Catch,” which Katy Perry recently raved about to her 50,000-plus Twitter followers. It’s on her new EP, “CollXtion I.” But she prefers anonymity, and disavows all knowledge of her previous incarnation as actress-singer Allie Hughes. Ask her about a recurring role Hughes had on one of Canada’s greatest TV shows, “Being Erica,” and she says she was never on it — and that she’s never acted at all. “I don’t know how much you know about the Allie X project, but I don’t actually speak to my past beyond when I emerged as Allie X,” she explains.

So you did study piano, right?

Yes. I am a classically-trained pianist.

And it’s true that you got tired of your old sound, and worked for years to change it?

Yeah. I wasn’t able to really communicate what I was hearing in my head. You just know when it’s not right. So I started learning the language of production. And if I wasn’t producing something myself, I was able to communicate specifically what I wanted. So I learned everything I could about sound design.

On your website, you have an origin-issue comic about yourself, correct?

That’s right. And that is the most that I will reveal about my past in that comic.

What is the shadow character in it that seems to be your twin?

The shadow is a Jungian concept, and it’s something that’s fascinated and helped me in a lot of ways. It’s that part of yourself that carries the guilt and the shame and the heavier things in life. So it’s important – instead of denying those parts of yourself, you should let them out. And the best way to let them out is creatively.

How long did it take you to come up with your new approach?

I spent two years holed up in my Toronto apartment, which was very small. And I had pretty terrible gear. But I became very obsessed with it, and I stuck to it, and I was able to make three songs, which got me out to Los Angeles and got me a publishing deal.

You kind of a live a David Lynch-ian life.

I do. And actually I just started transcendental meditation, like he does. And it’s given me 25 percent less anxiety. But I haven’t managed to rid myself of all my anxiety, that’s for sure.

Why do you have so much anxiety?

I wish I knew. Honestly, if I knew, I think I’d be able to put a stop to it. But I don’t.

Allie X
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