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Two hurt after gunshots fired on Mission Street, may have been shootout

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Nate Minami lifts the blinds at his dental office on 24th and Mission streets to reveal bullet holes, the aftermath of a double shooting Monday night, on Tuesday Sept. 8, 2015. (Michael Barba/ S.F. Examiner)

Two men were injured after gunshots were fired late Monday near the busy 24th Street BART Plaza, leaving both sides of Mission Street riddled with bullet holes.

Questions remain as to whether there was a single gunman in the incident, or if it was a shootout between two or more people.

Police confirmed the two men were shot around 11:23 p.m. while at a bus stop near the plaza on the east side of Mission Street, north of 24th Street.

A 35-year-old man was struck in the leg. The other man, 54, was hit multiple times in the chest, leg and foot. Both men were treated at San Francisco General Hospital and neither have injuries considered life threatening.

Late Tuesday morning, shattered glass could be seen at the bus stop where the men were wounded. What’s unclear, however, is how two bullet holes — one the size of a softball — ended up in the second-story window of a dental office across the street.

“I’m just as surprised as anyone,” said dentist Nate Minami of the Sutter Place Dental Group. The bullets appeared to enter at the top of the window in an upward trajectory.

When Jasmine Piyne arrived for work around 6:30 a.m. and began to prepare a room in the dental office, she heard a “crunch, crunch” and realized shattered glass covered the floor.

She pulled the blinds in the room and more glass fell to the ground, Piyne said. When she looked up she saw big hole in the window, and another about the size of a quarter.

Piyne went downstairs and told police officers who were investigating the shooting outside about her discovery. The dental office’s window is obscured by trees along Mission Street.

By 8:30 a.m., some seven crime scene investigators were gathering evidence in the room. They collected at least one bullet, Minami said police told him.

Officer Grace Gatpandan said “there’s so many different bullets” at the scene that forensics units will have to test the rounds to determine how many weapons were involved.

So far, police have confirmed one gun was used, Gatpandan said. “There was a shootout, it’s just unclear which parties were involved,” Gatpandan said. Police have not determined if the victims are suspected gunmen, bystanders or otherwise involved.

The shooting may have been captured on surveillance footage by BART cameras in the plaza and local businesses, Gatpandan said. The footage has yet to be reviewed.

Two unoccupied vehicles were also hit by bullets. A Muni bus in the area at the time of the shooting was not.

The suspects are described as two men between 20 and 30 years old, police said. It’s unclear whether or not a vehicle was involved.


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