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AARP caves, and left-wing groups retaliate

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Left wing advocacy groups just held a conference call for reporters in which they derided the AARP for its sudden and unexpected dose of sanity. AARP, which has long resisted any benefit cuts to old-age retirement and health care programs, has finally relented on its break-don't-bend position of insisting on no changes to Social Security.

The call featured Ed Coyle, executive director of the Alliance for Retired Americans, who said that benefit cuts and increases to the retirement age are not necessary, even if the program will “put pressure” on its trust fund over the next few decades.

“There are many alternatives,” he said. “Raising the payroll tax, for instance.”

“The ARA,” he want on with amusing incongruity, “will always stand up for seniors, and for the Middle Class.” Nice. But who does he think pays those payroll taxes, aside from the Middle Class?

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