Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Supervisors introduce resolution on anti-abortion banners

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Banners stating “Abortion hurts women” on Market Street lamp posts became the subject of a resolution introduced Tuesday to put the Board of Supervisors on record as opposing the banners.

Proceeds from such banners would be dedicated to “advancing accurate and scientifically verifiable education about women’s reproductive health,” the resolution states.

The banners that have lined the corridor since Dec. 26 are associated with an anti-abortion rally planned Jan. 25.

“Whatever our views are on the subject, it’s misguided, incorrect information,” said Supervisor David Campos, introducing the resolution. “To the contrary, not only is abortion one of the safest medical procedures in the U.S., but denying abortion is actually what hurts women.”

Aside from underscoring the board’s belief in respecting women’s right to choose and directing proceeds to the Department of Public Health for an educational campaign, the resolution calls on The City to review the permitting process that allowed the banners to go up.

The Department of Public Works, which issued the permits, only prohibits content on signs involving vulgarity or nudity, according to spokeswoman Rachel Gordon.

“We welcome a review,” Gordon said. “We want the policymakers to be comfortable with how the policies are being carried out. It could be a policy call for them, but the permit was issued because they met the criteria.”

Eva Muntean, co-chairwoman for Walk for Life West Coast, the organization behind the banners and the 10th annual march, said the resolution is “kind of ironic for a city that is supposed to be so inclusive and so open-minded.”

“Here comes something that they don’t agree with and they’re trying to make a resolution against it,” she said. “Where’s the tolerance when it comes to our point of view?”

Instead of hurting participation numbers at the rally, which drew about 50,000 last year, Muntean believes the resolution has brought more awareness and will “actually help our cause.” 

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